Energy Assistance & Weatherization

Weatherization + Health (Wx+H)
Healthy housing, climate justice, and job creation. Weatherization addresses three critical elements of housing security: quality, safety, and affordability. This program helps preserve rural housing, helps low-income homeowners age in place with lower energy costs, and fights housing-related health disparities. 

Home Repair Loan Program (HRLP)
The Home Repair Loan Program (HRLP) is meant to decrease deferrals of Weatherization projects due to repair needs that are not covered by the program. HRLP helps rural homeowners improve the livability of the home and become eligible for Wx+H. HRLP provides a no-cost loan only payable upon sale or transfer of the property to cover needed repairs.

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) 
The Low-income home energy assistance program providies funds from a federal block grant program to help low-income Washington state households maintain affordable, dependable utility services and to avoid shutoff during the winter.

To apply for LIHEAP, you must schedule an appointment with the organization that offers services in your area. Click here to view a county map and select the county you live in. You’ll find the contact information for the agency in your area and instructions for scheduling a LIHEAP appointment.

You can also use the Prescreening and Scheduling Tool, which will give you contact information for your county or allow you to schedule an appointment depending on your local assistance agency.


The following are the types of programs our network of Community Action Agencies offer in this service area.