Employment Assistance

Many families in our state are employed and still struggle to pay their bills. Adults who have jobs, but remain poor—the "working poor”—are finding it more difficult to lift themselves out of poverty. In fact, the working poor in America grew poorer in 2010, with incomes dipping farther below the poverty line than in any other year in the new millennium. Other families find themselves unemployed and are unable to obtain the limited job opportunities available due to a lack of skills or education.

Our statewide network of Community Action Agencies offers a variety of programs to assist people with tools and training to them help secure living wage jobs. From job search assistance to education programs, there are many ways Community Action helps the people in our communities succeed. 

To find a program that works for you, please visit this page to search by your county to find your local Community Action Agency.


The following are the types of programs our network of Community Action Agencies offer in this service area.