Olympic Community Action Programs (OlyCap)


A group of local citizens organized the Clallam-Jefferson Community Action Council in 1966. These men and women recognized then the unmistakable signs of poverty lurking in the shadows of the majestic Olympic Mountains – poor health, hunger, high unemployment, and homelessness. In 2000, this nonprofit organization was renamed: Olympic Community Action Programs (OlyCAP). For over 55 years, since its founding, OlyCAP has offered dozens of programs and services in response to the unique needs of their community. Please visit the OlyCAP website to learn more about their values and for program eligibility.

OLYMPIC COMMUNITY ACTION PROGRAMS MISSION: “OlyCAP helps people build resilient communities by providing equitable access to solutions and opportunities.”

OLYMPIC COMMUNITY ACTION PRORGAMS VISION: “Resilient communities with equitable access for all.”